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Reviews for 32 Red Bingo rated by 10 GreasyPalm members.

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Subject: its great
Author: Sheila Posted: 4th Jun 12
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 4.00 Star Rating
Review: I haven't yet received the £30 cashback but I won £520 on scratchcards. It's quite easy to win on this site as I have never been the one to win more than £20 on any bingo or gambling site. The only thing I can complain about is that when I got up to £53 and wanted to withdraw, they refused saying I had to play £247 of bonus which did put me out me off but because I was getting cashback at the end of the day regardless, I was more inclined to take my chances and won £520 and getting £10 on top of it...they should have let me withdraw at £53 :) furthermore they don't charge on cash withdrawls and it takes apparently 3-5 days to show up on your account. I gave it 4 stars because I am going to be grossly biased on this site seeing as I won £500 plus quid!
Subject: 32red
Author: Frances Posted: 25th Aug 11
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 4.00 Star Rating
Review: Tried 4 times to deposit using paypal, in the end used a card. Once credited I opened a live chat and asked them to take of the bonuses. They did it instantly. This way if i won any money I would be able to withdraw it and not be tied in! Needless to say I won a few bingo games but the prizes are very small (£'s) However, got the £20 cash back straight away, Plus the extra £10 bonus cashback after entering the VIP code. so £10 up and had an evening of Entertainment, cant go wrong
Subject: Nice site little slow
Author: Ashley Posted: 11th Jun 11
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 4.00 Star Rating
Review: Its a nice little site, their arn't many bingo rooms thoughs and the jackpots are anything special, but they are dependant on how many player their are. The casino games on the site can run a little slow, overal not bad and pritty awsome payout rate on the casino games compared to some other casinos, i deposited 20 quid played through about 25 on bingo games before getting bored and played blackjack and roulette to which i got my balance too 45 quid, and still had 30 quid bingo bouns.
Subject: Red 32 Bingo
Author: Ian Posted: 15th May 11
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 5.00 Star Rating
Review: Depositied £20, went on darts slots games, on second spin got three 7's .I withdraw my winning which was £57. £37 profit for twenty seconds work, excellent !
Subject: fabulous
Author: Barry Posted: 11th May 11
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 5.00 Star Rating
Review: just joined, put 15 on pre bought bingo games, played sloits for 25 p and on the 5th game i got the 15 free spins and then won 171.00 also won a tenner on the bingo. love this site
Subject: 32 red bingo
Author: Donna Posted: 22nd Jul 10
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 4.00 Star Rating
Review: I bet £20 and won my money back within 3 games, so no loss at all. With the £20 cashback and £10 bonus, I am £30 up. An enjoyable way spend an hour.
Author: Trevor Posted: 26th May 10
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 4.00 Star Rating
Review: Good bonus, i won 10 pounds for my 30 pound bonus, PLUS i was then able to transfer those funds to the Sportsbook,and bet with rather than risk your funds on bingo you can then build funds with something you know i felt i had value for money from my deposit.
Subject: 32 red
Author: Miranda Posted: 21st Mar 10
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 3.00 Star Rating
Review: I agree with david they do credit checks and i don't like the idea of this but cash back was great had to put in a support ticket to get cash back and this took a week it was quite fast compared to some not a bad site i never won this time but it was worth the risk as i got my 20 pound back as cash back so can't be bad.
Subject: Be Aware!
Author: David Posted: 22nd Sep 09
Recommended:   No
Rating: 1.00 Star Rating
Review: Please be advised that 32 Red do a credit check on all new applicants. I only discovered this when I happened to order an experian credit report, and saw FOUR of the ten credit checks done on my report were from 32 Red. After much communication, three were removed, but one remains - and will for the next 5 years! 32 reds response.."I confirm that our current procedure is to run a security check on all accounts opened at 32Red." ......So if having a credit check from a gambling company on your credit report for the next few years bothers you, there are plenty of other gaming sites out there. I have signed up to quite a few sites, and 32 Red is the only one to do a credit search on me.
Subject: Not Bad
Author: Tony Posted: 3rd Sep 09
Recommended:   Yes
Rating: 4.00 Star Rating
Review: Not a bad site, I've seen worse. Cashback paid out after a while. No loss.

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