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Subject: not as good as experian
Author: Hmm Posted: 23rd Aug 11
Recommended:   No
Rating: 1.00 Star Rating
Review: You probably will spend the cashback paying for the phone call to cancel/sign up as I was on hold for a very long time! Experian is much easier to use, no need to remember exact dates you took out phone contracts/ credit cards to verify who you are..
Subject: poor cancellation capabilities
Author: Helen Posted: 6th Nov 09
Recommended:   No
Rating: 1.00 Star Rating
Review: Be careful when taking up the free trial, it took me some effort to cancel. Online cancellation is a no go, I did it 4 times and they still didn't cancel or respond. Also phone lines very busy got through after 11 mins. Recommend not to leave till the free trial is coming to an end to cancel. Get the free report then phone them or cancel by post.

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